Nel Senio della Memoria - Peace walk

Alfonsine - Cotignola

Nel Senio della Memoria - Peace walk

The walk on April the 25th runs along the river Senio. The 18km itinerary will be enlivened by literature events, theatre and music, to remember the battle on the Senio and Resistance.

Senio is a river of memory, because the memory of war lies above it like autumn fog, which you can only fully understand and breath if you walk slowly. The Senio river was the front line between Nazis and partisans and locals, during World War II.
The river Senio also includes memories of the rural landscape and its people, including floodings, hard work and taxation. Now the river has also become a place for theatre shows and narratives.

The walk on April the 25th pays tribute to those historical events with shows and concerts. Two walks along the river will start respectively in Alfonsine and Cotignola, meeting in Borgo Pignatta.


In case of bad weather the walk will take place on May 1st.
For info: Comune Cotignola, tel. 0545 908875.
For info: Comune Alfonsine, tel. 0544 866667.
For more information about hospitality please contact the tourist information office: tel. 0545 280898.

Info: Primola
Tel: 333 4183149

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