Tullio Pericoli - Storie di volti e di terre


Tullio Pericoli - Storie di volti e di terre

The exhibition Storie di volti e di terre showcases the creative imagination of Tullio Pericoli in more than seventy works displayed at the Museo Civico delle Cappuccine, from 29 April to 23 July.

The exhibition proposes about eighty pieces of work that include drawings, engravings, paintings, drafts and sketches for stage sceneries, narrating Tullio Pericoli’s extraordinary complexity, and focusing, in particular, upon the Marche-native artist’s dual and steadfast attraction for the expressive strength exuded by faces and landscapes. Faces and landscapes, which, as Pericoli presents them to us, seem to react to a common geography, the common underlying principle of life passing by, whose slow and layered signs expose the deepest soul of things, their character and their ethics.

The landscape, a central theme of Pericoli’s artistic commitment, is narrated through a unique stylistic code which often rests on elegant graphic plots and veiled tonal registers capable of preserving the historical memory of those lands, recalling their origins and documenting their transformation. They are landscapes akin to faces, first and foremost, faces of the Marche region, across which Pericoli’s eye moves confidently; more in general, they are Italian landscapes, which the author acknowledges to be the most authentic material representation of the Italian land.

The same sensitivity is yielded by Pericoli’s most vivid portraits, in which faces fade into landscapes and signs trace otherwise hidden biographical elements, such as the face of Samuel Beckett, who is depicted as rugged terrain, or that of Eugenio Montale, whose mighty and immobile profile brings a cliff to mind.

Museo Civico delle Cappuccine
Address: Via Vittorio Veneto, 1/a - Bagnacavallo - 48012 (RA)
E-mail: 0545 280911 - 280913
URL: http://www.museocivicobagnacavallo.it

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