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Exhibition by Max Clinger "Unconscious, myth and passions at the origins of man's destiny". Museo Civico delle Cappuccine from 15 September 2018 to 13 January 2019. "Klinger is the modern artist par excellence, modern in the sense of a conscious man who feels the legacy of centuries of art and thought, which he sees clearly in the past, in the present and in itself " (Giorgio de Chirico).

Klinger was a painter, sculptor, writer, musician and poet, but he was above all an excellent engraver, endowed with an extraordinary technique. The exhibition at the Museo delle Cappuccine retraces the expressive path traced by Klinger through his famous engraving cycles, which he called "Opus", in analogy with musical and poetic compositions.
The exhibition itinerary (rich in almost 150 works) offers the public the opportunity to admire eleven of the fourteen Opus that have marked its graphic production, which includes the most famous sheets of the artist. Alongside the large engraving cycles, some loose sheets will be on display, including some precious works that testify to the particular link between the visionary art of Klinger and that of Arnold Böcklin.

Telephone 0545 280911 Mail centroculturale@comune.bagnacavallo.ra.it

Open 1st November - closed 2nd November

Museo Civico delle Cappuccine
Address: Via Vittorio Veneto, 1/a - Bagnacavallo - 48012 (RA)
Tel: 0545 280911/3
E-mail: centroculturale@comune.bagnacavallo.ra.it
URL: http://www.museocivicobagnacavallo.it

Price: free entry
Hours: Tuesday and Wednesday 15-18; Thursday 10-12 and 15-18; Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10-12 and 15-19; closed Monday and post holidays.

Last update: 30/10/2018 (Redazione di Bagnacavallo)

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