ALCEO FOLICALDI (1900 - 1952)

ALCEO FOLICALDI (1900 - 1952)

Alceo Folicaldi was born in Lugo in 1900 and died there in 1952. He was a poet and a member of the Futurist movement.

Age 17, Folicaldi enthusiastically joined Futurism and met Filippo Tommaso Marinetti who supported his work right from the start.

In 1919 he published his first collection of poems, Imbastiture. In 1922 Marinetti mentions Folicaldi in the introduction of the book Gli indomabili, placing Alceo in the map of emerging poets. In 1926 Folicaldi published Arcobaleni sul mondo, his first real Futurist book, written with the technique of "Parole in libertà", in which words and images are autonomous signs. In 1927 Folicaldi became part of the group of "Poeti-Paroliberi-Propagandisti Futuristi".

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