He was born in Russi on the 6th of August 1826 and died on the 3rd of October 1890. He was an engineer and a politician.

First he studied at Faenza's seminary, then he graduated as an engineer at Bologna University.

In 1848 he took part in the battles against the Austrians.
He was engineer of the municipality of Ravenna from 1854 to 1860. In 1860, he was also secretary of the commission for Gottardo's railway in the Swiss Alps and, from 1860 to 1870, he directed the settling works of Corsini's port and canal and he was officer of the Ravenna-Castel Bolognese railway line, which had been opened in 1863. In 1871 he was appointed head engineer of Grosseto's civil engineer. The following year he was asked to go to Rome and become a member of "Consiglio Superiore dei Lavori Pubblici" (the ministry of works), he was also nominated general director of hydraulic works.

He was actively involved in Ravenna's political life: as town councillor, councillor for public works and provincial administration member. In 1876 he became deputy of the national parliament, and he was ministry of public works from 1878 to 1883, almost continuously.

Along his life he wrote several essays and books about engineering subjects.

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