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AUDITORIUM Museo del Senio
The auditorium is inside the Museo della Battaglia del Senio.
This green area is completely dedicated to traffic education, with sham streets, crossings, give-way situations, traffic lights and and level crossings.
This is the biggest labyrinth inside a corn field in the whole of Europe and it extends for 100,000 square metres. Opens from June to September 2019. The first suspended Labyrinth in the world is born, with a surface of three thousand square meters from the 7th April to the 14th June 2019.
The route is made solely with recycled and biodegradable material and will last for a thousand days.
Inside it will host a sound work by Luigi Berardi, a photographic exhibition by Sara Ragone "Kaleidos & quot" and until mid-June the mosaic labyrinth of the Disorder association.
In this work of Land art sensoriality will be the master, involving all five senses.

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