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He was born in Alfonsine in 1884 and died in Lisbon in 1942. He was a seller of antique books and an editor.
The so called Settimana Rossa (red week) was a series of revolts that – as Alessandro Luparini wrote in Settimana Rossa e dintorni – happened across Italy in June 1914, right before World War I.
The Senio originates from the Tuscan hills of Monte Carzolano; after 92km it joins the river Reno. Every year since 2004 locals have been celebrating April 25 (the liberation day, which is a national holiday in Italy) with a long walk that commemorates war events.
VINCENZO MONTI (1754-1828)
He was born in Passetto, in the territory of Alfonsine, in 1754 and died in Milan in 1828. He is known as the most important poet of italian neoclassical poetry.
WORLD WAR II - La Linea Gotica and la Battaglia sul Senio
Between December 1944 and the 10th of April 1945, Alfonsine was a battlefield for the German army, for the Allie’s armies and for partisans; here on the Senio river the front of the war was named Linea Gotica (Gothic line), also known as Die Grüne Linie.

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