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Alfonsine: ALFONSINE
Alfonsine is an important and modern agricultural centre. Its origins are linked to the Calcagnini family; in 1465 the duke of Ferrara Borso d’Este presented the count Teofilo Calcagnini with the lands on the right bank of the Po of Primaro and the towns of Filo and Longastrino.
Bagnacavallo: BAGNACAVALLO
Bagnacavallo is one of the most interesting towns of the province; its name is thought to originate from a hypothetical spa whose water healed the horse of the Roman emperor Tiberius.
Bagnara Di Romagna: BAGNARA DI ROMAGNA
Bagnara still preserves its original Medieval stronghold; the fascinating town centre is surrounded by late XV century walls with an entrance tower and five small ramparts.
Cotignola: BARBIANO
Little village of Cotignola municipality has roman origins. Barbiano is the homeland of Alberico da Barbiano who's considered to be one of the most important italian mercenary captain.
Conselice: CONSELICE
The village was already known during Roman times, due to its trading port that linked Venice with Imola. It was named Caput Silicis, from which the current name comes from, due to its strategic position in the valley of the river Pò of Primaro.
Cotignola: COTIGNOLA
The Roman road structure and various findings show that the oldest settlement of Cotignola is pre-Christian; during the Second World War, the town was almost completely wrecked and then rebuilt according to its original structure.
Fusignano: FUSIGNANO
Throughout the centuries former Castrum Fusiniani was ruled by the Counts of Cunio, the Este family and the Pope; Fusignano is the birthplace of the musician Arcangelo Corelli (1653 - 1713).
After the Second World War it was almost completely rebuilt.
Lugo: LUGO
Lugo town centre has in interesting variety of architectural styles from various periods of its history along the centuries.
Massa Lombarda: MASSA LOMBARDA
Massa Lombarda probably originated from a rural settlement located on the borders of Lugo's wood.
Russi: RUSSI
In 1878 Russi was conferred the title of “città” to honour Luigi Carlo Farini; its important Roman villa shows that the town has a very ancient history.

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